Planet Earth


We are constantly on the move and we are always changing.  All motion is driven by energy, that mysterious force that causes things to happen.

In the lead article, we explore how energy, force, and motion are linked.  In other articles in the Science Connection, we explore what motion and gravity are and what Newton’s Laws of Motion are all about.  We also take a look at how our bodies move.

Great scientific discoveries often come from mistakes.  This topic is discussed in Think Like a Scientist. In the Technology Connection, we look at how wind farms transfer wind energy to electricity, and in the Engineering Connection, we look at how motion engineers are always on the lookout to harness energy from moving things.

The Math Connection features an activity to help students figure out velocity, while the Language Arts Connection has a play about Newton’s Laws.  It also has a new puzzle called Word Ladder to challenge everyone.

Moving pictures and motion we don’t see are topics in the Social Studies Connection.  Our featured scientist in Scientists Are People Too is Dr. William Spry, a nuclear scientist who believes that mistakes help us learn.

We learn why we have motion sickness in the Health Connection, and we explore Poetry in Motion and the way still images convey motion in the Arts Connection.

The issue concludes with reviews of some good books that will help us learn more about motion.
We wish you much energy to create force to do good work.


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